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Pat Moran Relied on Civil Rights Lawyers for Voter Fraud

Now we know why civil rights groups like the NAACP, ACLU, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights are so upset about election integrity groups like True the Vote monitoring the polls on November 6. Pat Moran gave us a clue yesterday.

Moran revealed on James O’Keefe’s undercover video why these groups have been so dishonest, ugly, and desperate to smear True the Vote and keep them out of the polls.

Simply, the “election protection” operation of these civil rights groups was seen, at least to Moran, as the final step in committing voter fraud.

Moran was the field director of his father’s reelection campaign and worked out of the joint campaign office for President Obama and Democrat Senate candidate Tim Kaine in Virginia.

Let’s look at the full video of Moran that led to his firing from the campaign.

In the video, O’Keefe’s plant tells Moran that he has a pile of names of inactive voters. The plant wants to drive a van around and vote for them. Because Virginia’s voter ID law is a joke, and a utility bill will suffice, the plant intends to use phony utility bills. Moran suggests ways to advance the scheme, including forgery using Microsoft Word.

Enter the “election protection” efforts of the civil rights groups. In case these phony utility bills create a stir inside the polls, Moran has the solution – the army of left-wing lawyers who will be embedded inside the polls from groups like the ACLU, the NAACP, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights.

The plant doubts Virginia “will be really strict about enforcing” the new pseudo-voter ID law.

Moran has just the ticket for questionable phony utility bills – the “election protection” lawyers from the left:

Moran: I think the poll will be pretty trained up on it because they’ll be ready for all the voter protection. They’ll be cracking down.  You’ll have somebody in house that if they feel that what you have is legitimate they’ll argue for you.  And I imagine that…

Plant:   The OFA lawyer?

Moran: The OFA lawyer, yeah, or provided by the communities or the committees. 

Take note – Moran explicitly says the lawyers from Obama’s Organizing for America, the communities, or the committees would be in the polls who will “argue for” the phony utility bill to be counted. “Voter protection” refers to the efforts by civil rights groups to place lawyers at the polls to push through and advocate for voters with questionable eligibility.

If we ever saw a reason why states should enact real photo-identification requirements, Pat Moran just gave it to us. Not only is the system vulnerable, but top Democrat field operatives understand how the civil rights groups in the polls combined with criminal behavior could result in illegal voting.

O’Keefe’s plant also says “there’s a law and then there’s enforcement.”

Moran lets loose:

And there will be a lot of voter protection.  So if they just have the utility bill or a statement  … but they can fake a utility bill with ease.


But it has to be like a utility bill or something like that.  So you have to forge it.

To make sure that the voters don’t actually vote, Moran urges the plant to call them ahead of time. “And then identify.  I think that first sweep, just call, hey, I’m calling up … you can even just call and be like a pollster.”

Now we know why these civil rights groups don’t want True the Vote and Tea Party groups in the polls on Election Day.

Moran’s suggestion ensures the criminal only votes for voters who never planned to vote.

There is no way, of course, to know if the civil rights groups consider themselves cogs in a voter fraud machine. But one thing we do know for sure is that a top Democrat Party field operative does consider them so. We know for sure that this top field operative saw poll monitors from groups like the NAACP and the Lawyers’ Committee as the final component to ensure that voters possessing utility bills forged on Microsoft Word would cast a ballot in a key swing state.

Perhaps these civil rights groups don’t share Moran’s criminal mindset. But the fury, lies, and venom that these groups and their shills in the far-left media have unleashed might reveal otherwise.

How else to explain one lie after another against honest Americans who simply want to stand in the polls with a clipboard and observe the process? How else do you explain the threats from thugs at the SEIU toward law-abiding Americans who want to watch the process which Moran thought might include forged utility bills?

Next year, the Virginia legislature must fix this flimsy voter ID law to require real photo ID. They can call it the “Moran Act.”

Pat Moran also beclowned his congressman dad. Before O’Keefe pounced yesterday afternoon, daddy was hectoring the Virginia State Board of Elections in the morning to take a tough stance against fraud perpetrated by a Republican. Congressman Moran hasn’t sustained his new-found concern over voter fraud, or made any new demands on the State Board of Elections today about his son.

The Obama campaign should be very concerned that O’Keefe has plants with cameras on the inside in Obama offices all across the country. It makes you wonder which Obama campaign staffer James O’Keefe will make famous the last week of the campaign.

The far left has begrudgingly admitted O’Keefe struck gold in nailing Moran, including the Maddow Blog and Slate. Salon says the Moran hit was “detailed, extensive, and clear… no misleading edits.”

But the clearest and most revealing part of the Pat Moran tapes is the extent to which the left’s election protection lawyers are seen as a tool to consummate voter fraud. At least one top operative saw these lawyers as polling-place muscle to ensure that every fraudulent vote is counted, rather than caught.


Thumbnail image courtesy shutterstock / Peter Sobolev