Rule of Law

Holder Charges Kidnapping Solicitation of White Supremacist, Not New Black Panthers

Here we go again.  Eric Holder’s Justice Department last month oversaw a guilty plea for solicitation of kidnapping, a federal offense.  Jayen Patel entered a plea in New Jersey for soliciting a purported white supremacist (actually an FBI agent acting as a white supremacist) to conduct a kidnapping.

I wrote earlier this week and appeared on Fox News to say that solicitation of kidnapping is a federal crime.  The New Black Panther Party has put a bounty out on George Zimmerman being taken “dead or alive.”  From Eric Holder, crickets.

The bounty posters, incidentally, changed from the original posters which plainly stated “dead or alive.”  This is standard procedure for the New Black Panthers. Even the toned-down poster has been removed from the New Black Panther website.  The Panthers tone down their language after first stoking up the mob, which is the real mission.  Once the public at large learns of their behavior, they get more civilized.

Changing an outrageous public statement after the fact of the Philadelphia voter intimidation was incredibly persuasive to the attorneys in Holder’s Justice Department.

Will Eric Holder at last open an investigation into the criminal conduct of the New Black Panthers?  Will there be arrests like in the Jayen Patel case?  It sure would be a way to put an end to the New Black Panther albatross that hangs around Eric Holder’s neck, and will through November.  And it will be a much heavier albatross with the events in Sanford.