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Soros Funded Newspaper Praises Soros Funded Brennan Center

One of the most dishonest and aggressive voter fraud deniers is the ill-named Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School.  I document their dishonest campaign to deny voter fraud in Injustice.


One notable example is a report they published called the “Myth of Voter Fraud.”  The report was published in November 2007.  It purports to catalog instances of voter fraud and concludes that voter fraud is a myth.  Yet five months before the report was issued, in June 2007, a federal district court in Mississippi ruled in a case which I tried called United States v. Ike Brown.  It documented instance after instance after instance of voter fraud, including in-person voter impersonation, the sort of thing the Brennan Center denies occurs.

Guess how much of the June 2007 court opinion documenting widespread voter fraud made it into Brennan’s “Myth of Voter Fraud” report?

Exactly none.  They ignored the detailed court ruling because the avalanche of voter fraud did not fit their thesis.

Here is the tragedy – the media take this flimsy report seriously.  Dishonest hacks like Ryan Reilly regularly use the flimsy report to attack efforts to combat voter fraud, and by doing so provide a smokescreen to criminal behavior.  Even outlets with a whiff of credibility use the report.

Today we find a purported news outlet, the Florida Independent, which is funded by the convicted felon George Soros, praising the Brennan Center for Justice, a group that also happens to be funded by the same convicted felon George Soros.  The Independent declares the Brennan Center the winner of their “Best Of” story for 2011 for their role in interfering with Florida’s efforts to clamp down on ACORN-style criminal behavior in the collection of voter registration forms.  As is so often the case, once again, the Brennan Center serves as a smokescreen for criminal activity.


No surprise, the Brennan Center is leading the fight against Voter ID in places like South Carolina and Texas.

The congratulatory article is just one of hundreds of examples of coordinated efforts to undermine the integrity of American elections, all in the hallowed name of civil rights.  That one Soros funded outfit would so brazenly pat another Soros funded outfit on the back shouldn’t be terribly surprising by now.


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