Selective Outrage Over Voting Rights at the Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer has chimed in on a voting law from a state 600 miles away.  They support DOJ’s objection to South Carolina’s voter identification requirement.  But when voting rights were infringed less than one mile from their 400 N. Broad St. headquarters by armed New Black Panthers, no outrage was in evidence on the pages of the Inquirer.


Philadelphia Inquirer on Voter ID: “The U.S. Department of Justice is taking a hard line with states that pass restrictive voting laws, which is good news for disadvantaged Americans who want their right to vote protected.”

Philadelphia Inquirer on armed New Black Panthers at a poll: “The Obama Justice Department decided not to pursue any penalties against Jackson, who was actually a certified poll watcher. . . . That’s not to say small hate groups aren’t dangerous. But the scale of justice must be applied appropriately, and here it appears that it was.”



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