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Bring in the Blue Helmets to Crush Voter ID!

If you needed any more proof that the NAACP has jumped the shark, consider this.  The NAACP has issued an urgent plea for help to stop voter identification requirements in next year’s Presidential election.  To whom?  The United Nations of course.


The NAACP is specifically targeting Voter ID laws passed in Texas and South Carolina.  Next week, Attorney General Eric Holder will speak in Texas.  Expect news soon of a Justice Department objection to these Voter ID laws under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

From the UK Guardian:

The largest civil rights group in America, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), is petitioning the UN over what it sees as a concerted effort to disenfranchise black and Latino voters ahead of next year’s presidential election.

The organisation will this week present evidence to the UN high commissioner on human rights of what it contends is a conscious attempt to “block the vote” on the part of state legislatures across the US. Next March the NAACP will send a delegation of legal experts to Geneva to enlist the support of the UN human rights council.

Texas and South Carolina submitted their voter ID laws to the Eric Holder run DOJ.  Federal Court remains an option to make it more likely the laws will be approved.  Once an objection is interposed, the deck is stacked against them.

The NAACP was once relevant and important.  In 2011, as I note in my book Injustice, the NAACP uses the noble history of the organization in ways that provide intellectual cover for criminal wrongdoing in our elections.

The quintessential civil rights group, the NAACP, is a thoroughly different creature today than the eminent organization that led the nation in fighting lynching and supporting legal equality—it is now almost indistinguishable from the galaxy of organizations that comprise the racial grievance industry. . . .  The NAACP is also a voter fraud denier, and there are no signs it will change its view even though a local NAACP executive committee member, Lessadolla Sowers of Tunica, Mississippi, was found guilty in April 2011 of ten counts of absentee ballot fraud.  In her photograph at the NAACP website, Sowers is sporting an “Obama for President” button on her blouse.


This quote barely scratches the surface of the NAACP election malfeasance that I expose in Injustce.  Here are just a few more.  NAACP employees interfered with the voter intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panthers.  The NAACP held a rally in support of Ike Brown, the first black man found liable of violating the Voting Rights Act by discriminating against white voters.  The NAACP interfered with the efforts of Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann to ensure clean elections in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.  It goes on and on and on.

That this once important and noble organization is now asking the United Nations to oppose election integrity measures demonstrates their shameful fall from relevance in the starkest possible way.




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