VA Gov. Bob McDonnell Swirling the Drain?

Government sources are telling PJ Tatler the same thing that Tony Lee is reporting over at Breitbart – Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is swirling the drain.  Lee reports that a resignation is Bob McDonnell’s future.


Tatler sources say that the FBI is getting close to putting McDonnell away for shady deals with a man who paid for his daughter’s wedding, and much much more, including a “gift” of a Rolex watch to his wife, but worn by McDonnell.  Other reports have state employees running personal errands for the Governor and McDonnell’s kids raiding the Governor’s Mansion pantry for food and cookware.  McDonnell also used taxpayer funds to pay for dog vitamins, sunscreen and for dry cleaning for his family.


Perhaps this explains McDonnell’s sudden flirtation with the George Soros funded left.  McDonnell has fast tracked approving felon voting in Virginia, a position likely to cost Republicans future elections in the state.  That’s why Virginia Republicans in the legislature rejected his bad idea.  McDonnell, with the close collusion of vote fraud deniers at the Advancement Project and his Secretary of the Commonwealth Janet Vestal Kelly are collaborating with the Left to fast track felon voting.  If McDonnell resigns, or is indicted by a federal grand jury, that might derail his felon voting proposal.





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