April 11, 2021

HOW IT STARTED: David Hogg’s Pillow Company Is Proceeding Nicely.

Last week I told you about former teen and current gun-grabber David Hogg starting his own pillow company to take down My Pillow founder Mike Lindell. You can almost see the cartoon thought-balloon over Hogg’s adorable little head: “Hey, if a crazy crackhead can become a multimillionaire by making pillows, how tough can it be?” Unfortunately, young Mr. Hogg is quickly discovering exactly how tough it can be. And thanks to the modern miracle of Twitter, we can watch him sink into a pit of disillusioned despair in real-time.

Exhibit A:

Whoops! Hey, how about finding a base of operations first?

California is a prohibitively expensive state for prospective businesses? Weird! Hey, I wonder why that is? Maybe Hogg will figure it out someday.

How It’s Going: David Hogg Quits Progressive MyPillow Competitor Two Months After Launch.

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