Could Illegal Alien Terror Hit the U.S.?

Are open-borders advocates and Hispanic activists sowing the seeds for revolution? Not just a social revolution, but an armed, violent revolution?

In a little-discussed news item from this month, a 16-year-old illegal alien set a police cruiser on fire in Texas before attempting to swerve his car into two motorcycle cops during a police chase that followed. Although he was armed — and aimed a rifle at the police twice — he was eventually apprehended without a shot being fired.


The teen, whose name hasn’t been released due to his age, later told investigators he was tired of ICE “always sending Mexicans back to Mexico for no reason.” He said they are the ones in America “doing all the work.” He was also tired of “his people getting shot by police and nothing happening.” His broader motivation? As he put it, to create a “war against the government.”

Where did this young man get these ideas? Where did he find the confidence to say the things he said and act out the crimes he committed? What was the source of his righteous revenge on traditional America?

The mental state of the teen remains unknown, but his views are not uncommon within his community today.

In today’s America, the atmosphere for such incitement is quite fertile.

Maybe the young man was reading America Libre, a recently published novel about an uprising among Hispanic youth in America following a police shooting of a young Latina in Texas.

Maybe he found inspiration after watching A Day Without Mexicans: The Gringos Are Going to Weep, a film about the mysterious vanishing of Mexican workers in America, which shuts down the country and results in chaos until they return a day later to hugs and kisses from a grateful American public (including Border Patrol agents). According to the director, the film was inspired by California’s Proposition 187, which sought to end state benefit programs for illegal aliens.


Did the teen get his ideas from local Hispanic leaders in his state? Maybe he’s heard the commentary of former head of La Raza and current professor at the University of Texas-Arlington Jose Angel Gutierrez, who once stated:

We have got to eliminate the Gringo, and what I mean by that is that if the worst come to the worst, we have got to kill him.

Maybe the young man sees his ethnic kin as the “bronze people” whose “time has come and who struggles against the foreigner ‘gabacho’ who exploits [his people’s] riches and destroys [his] culture,” as does the extremist group Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or “MEChA.”

His ethnic loyalties could have actually come from the very top of American Hispanic leadership. Ten-term Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez has stated that he only has “one loyalty and that’s to the immigrant community.”

Maybe he found inspiration from Sonia Sotomayor, current Supreme Court justice and former board member of pro-amnesty legal advocate LatinoJustice, who’s stated that her “national origins may and will make a difference in [her] judging.”

What’s likely is that the adolescent’s hatred for el Norte came from both societies he grew up in. Mexican leadership treats immigration into the U.S. as if it’s a right. They’ve pushed the UN to declare any border fence erected by the U.S. to be illegal. They provide manuals to the poor on how to break in to the U.S., give free legal counsel to illegal aliens caught crossing the border, and teach Mexican students that our entire Southwest region actually belongs to Mexico (which had stolen it from Spain, which had stolen it from the Indians).


Whether the source of illegal-alien terrorism is from within or without, we’re likely to see more of it soon.


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