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Hamas Terror Double Game Backfires as Fighters Defect to Islamic State in Sinai

The Hamas terrorists in control of the Gaza Strip now find themselves between a rock and a hard place, as the double game that they've played with the Islamic State affiliate in the Sinai has backfired.

Hundreds of Hamas' trained Qassam Brigade fighters have reportedly defected to ISIS in the Sinai. Meanwhile, an attempted rapprochement with Egypt in recent weeks also appears to be breaking down, as the Islamic State is reportedly setting Hamas up for a war with Israel that Hamas is most likely not prepared to fight.

As I reported here at PJ Media back in June, Hamas -- fashioned by some in the Washington, D.C. foreign policy "smart set" as supposedly "moderate" compared to ISIS -- had in fact been actively cooperating with the Islamic State:

Among the Hamas/ISIS points of cooperation: smuggling arms through the tunnels controlled by Hamas from Gaza into the Sinai; assistance in weapons and explosives training; and treating injured Islamic State fighters:

Now, reports are emerging of widespread defections from Hamas to the Islamic State:

There is considerable evidence that these defections have been going on for a while. Martyrdom announcements published regularly by the Islamic State have named fighters who had previously been with the Hamas Qassam Brigades.