Is the Justice Department Hiding ISIS Connection in NY-NJ Bombings?

Images released of the journal of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspected NY-NJ bomber, show mention of a recently killed ISIS leader, but that reference is curiously missing from the federal indictment filed against him yesterday.

Is the Justice Department again trying to hide an obvious ISIS connection or inspiration from this past weekend's attacks, just as they did when they censored Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen's pledge to ISIS?

Reporters began showing pages of Rahami's journal earlier today:

One of the references on the page is to "Brother Adnani," an ISIS leader killed in a U.S. drone strike just a few weeks ago.

Media reports place Adnani at the head of the ISIS unit responsible for conducting external terror attacks.

Terror expert Tom Joscelyn noted the Adnani mention, as well as other ISIS-related items, from Rahami's journal.

But the terror indictment against Rahami filed in federal court yesterday omits mention of these ISIS references.

Page 12 of the indictment discusses the terror references found in Rahami's journal:


But, again, the indictment makes no mention of the two clear ISIS-related references, namely Adnani and Dawla.

What is the Department of Justice hiding?

This is reminiscent of the released transcript of Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen's pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State as he was conducting the terror attack that killed 49 this past June. The statements were made in a phone call to a local Orlando TV station during the attack.