(Warning: GRAPHIC) How the Media Uses Pictures to Protect Islam

Why did mainstream media widely disseminate the picture of Alan Kurdi -- the three-year-old Syrian child who tragically drowned in the Mediterranean -- despite never publishing pictures of Mideast children who are intentionally killed?

Did you, for instance, ever see this picture?


This little boy was murdered on Easter Sunday when Islamic suicide bombers, targeting Christians, attacked a crowded park. They murdered dozens -- mostly Christian women and children.

What about this picture?


This boy -- along with some 60 Christian worshippers -- was killed when Islamic jihadis attacked a church service in Baghdad in 2010 (click here to see what happened to the adults, including the Islamic suicide bombers).

What about this picture -- a 12-year-old Coptic Christian girl?


She was abducted and murdered in Libya last year. By who?

Well, by the U.S.-supported jihadis who ousted Gaddafi. Shortly after they did so, they issued a “reward” for anyone finding and killing Christians. (More graphic images here.)

Did the MSM show you this picture -- a 12-year-old Pakistani Christian girl?


She was raped and murdered by a Muslim man. He wasn’t even convicted.

Have you seen this picture? Why not?


This is the “youngest hostage” captured by ISIS after they took the predominantly Christian town of Kessab, Syria in 2014.[i]

Christian children are not the only ones slaughtered by Muslim jihadis for being “subhuman” “infidels.” The picture below shows a child who was murdered in Syria in 2012 by people the media then called “freedom fighters” -- today they are more commonly known as “ISIS” -- for being the son of Shias (who are seen as “infidels” no less than Christians).