Will America's Feminization of Men Impede Its Ability to Defend Itself?

A reader poses an interesting question:

Dr. Helen,

Do you ever think or worry (not that this is the right way to couch it) that where we are going with the feminizing of males, vs. the world at large, i.e. ISIS etc. what the long term implications are for America?

I spent 6 years in the military, enjoyed every minute of it and never a second thought would we ever be in a place where I was actually concerned about the country’s ability to defend itself. I’m not so sure I’m there anymore. Being a male is not so easy.



I worry about this defense question often when thinking about what is happening politically in the larger world and with our military and culture in general. Here are a few of my thoughts: As the U.S. military becomes more and more PC, will it discourage more masculine men from joining up? And if more masculine men join, will they be so hindered by PC rules and regulations that they will become discouraged, and simply give up on defending the country? Or will they be punished if they try to do the right thing in terms of defense, thus making what might be a good tactical move one that is hindered by politics?

As for men in general, are we becoming a nation so used to the easy life that no one has much fight left in them to defend anything except a bag of Cheetos? Not that individual men have a duty to defend the country, but if no one wants to or can, then where does that leave our republic? And maybe women should be held just as liable and serve in whatever capacity they can?

I am reading a copy of Tod Lindberg’s new book titled The Heroic Heart: Greatness Ancient and Modern and he has some insightful thoughts. Lindberg says that we enjoy a measure of peace and personal security unknown to mankind before modern times. “Instead of preparing mentally and physically for the inevitable recurrence of times of strife, we can take to our couches and busy ourselves with the enjoyment of the leisure time the modern world generously allows us.”


Lindberg makes the point that we watch heroes on TV or video games and maybe even get wild and coach a Little League game if extremely motivated — but what happens if an “old-school slaying hero” decides to “…conquer the world, that is, our world–to conquer and subjugate us”?

Good question. I don’t have all the answers but one thing I know is that to take the hero out of men (and women) and to replace it with complacency and submissiveness is definitely not the answer. It is a road to destruction.

What are reader thoughts on whether or not our country will continue to be able to defend itself given the feminization of men and the PC of the culture in general?

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