Female Teachers give Boys Lower Marks

An article from the Huffington Post UK, discussed a study that found that female teachers give boys lower marks (via Newsalert):

Female teachers mark male pupils more harshly than they do their female students, research has claimed.

Additionally, girls tend to believe male teachers will look upon them more favourably than female teaching staff, but men treat all students the same, regardless of gender.

The study, released on Thursday, told 1,200 students in 29 schools to place financial bets on who would give them higher grades: external examiners or their teacher.

Conducted by professors Amine Ouazad and Lionel Page, for the London School of Economic’s Centre for Economic Performance, the report said:

“Male students tend to bet less [money] when assessed by a female teacher than by an external examiner or by a male teacher. This is consistent with female teachers’ grading practices; female teachers give lower grades to male students.


Books like the The End of Men: And the Rise of Women or Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys like to smugly point out that men just aren’t the go-getters that women are, especially when it comes to school. What they leave out of the equation is that boys and men are discriminated against–giving them little incentive to try.  With little incentive to try,  college and the American Dream is often not a reality, or even desired, leaving a multitude of men without work skills, and/or achieving their full potential.

How will this affect the economy in the coming years? Probably not in a good way, but then, if women are paying the bulk of taxes for men who need the cash in the coming years, it may not work out to be too bad of a deal after all!

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