Is Physical Strength the Most Important Thing in Life?

Glenn received a copy of Mark Rippetoe’s updated new book Starting Strength, 3rd edition in the mail this week and I couldn’t resist thumbing through it. The new version is terrific with lots of pictures and details about how to perform basic barbell exercises. This updated edition seems a lot bigger and more detailed than the 2nd edition. The book takes the reader through the proper form for squats, deadlifts, presses and a number of other exercises. It would make a great gift for the weightlifter or exercise buff on your list.


As an aside, Rippetoe says that physical strength is the most important thing in life. “A weak man is not as happy as the same man would be if he were strong.” I used to disagree and think that intellect was more important. I’m not so sure anymore; on days that I feel good, my life seems perfect, when I feel ill, not so much.

Do you think physical strength is the most important thing in life or do you think intellect or spirituality take precedence?


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