Senators Duckworth and Tuberville Face Off in Fight Over Military Spending to Promote Abortion

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Abortion fanatic Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Il), Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), and Vice President Kamala Harris have a long history as Planned Parenthood’s go-to gals in Washington. When it comes to pushing radical abortion legislation, this group of King Herod cheerleaders is always ready to do the old Ra Ra Sis boom bah, Aborted the Babies Ra Ra Ra.


Now they are up against  Tommy Tuberville, who is a former Auburn football coach and the senior senator from Alabama. Alabama has military facilities. It also bans abortion. Since February, Tuberville has refused to allow unanimous consent on military promotions that have to be voted on by the Senate until the ship of fools in the Pentagon cleans up its bloody abortion act. He insists they not use tax dollars as a backdoor way to circumvent state abortion laws and federal guidelines. Right now, these medal-bound jackals want to pay for and cover travel expenses for military personnel traveling to other jurisdictions for abortions.

Over 200 military nominees for one-star promotions and above are on hold. Tuberville acted in response to the Department of Defense’s decision to pay for travel costs and allow service members to take non-chargeable leave to obtain abortions that the military cannot legally perform. “I will keep it on until the Pentagon follows the law or changes the law,” Tuberville said on the Senate floor. “It is that simple.”

Is it any wonder the military has faced plummeting enlistment quotas even as they increased signing bonuses? The BO, from their wokeness, has sent possible recruits holding their noses as they run for the hills. The definition of a leader is someone with followers. Right now, these so-called leaders can’t even pay enough to recruit followers, so they are dipping into the reserves.


It is bad enough they lost the war in Afghanistan. They have now decided to also become abortion shills for the King Herod cheerleaders, as they whine that “national security” hinges on the military hiring medical hit men to abort babies. Women and children first once meant soldiers and sailors were supposed to save them first, not destroy them first.

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““It is bizarre for Senator Tuberville to say that he’s not jeopardizing national security when he injects politics into the defense process,” Duckworth told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday. When a politician tells you to give me what I want, or you are playing politics, aren’t they playing politics? Of course they are. And as usual, Duckworth plays it badly.

She tried to hold up promotions similarly a few years ago. She said she would block unanimous consent on promotions unless the Pentagon promoted — wait for it — Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Nothing political there, Sen. Duckworth.

Yes, she went to the mat for the impeachment witness against President Trump, the man who said he turned down the job as Ukraine’s defense minister when it was offered to him.

Alas, Vindman retired after his promotion and went on to battle the books at Johns Hopkins, instead of becoming war minister in Ukraine. He also filed some failed lawsuits against President Trump and some of his officials under the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. Yes, Tammy, your work for Alexander Vindman proves you would be the last person to play politics with Defense Department promotions.


Tuberville is right to fight Duckworth and others. It is time Republicans stopped funding the woke brigade, caving in every time the brass says civilian elected officials be damned and the military alone is in charge of how taxpayer money is spent.  That is not how the chain of command works.



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