Hopeless Hochul and Westchester County Attack Pregnancy Centers

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Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul believes the unborn child has no rights the state of New York is bound to respect. Her fanaticism on the abortion issue only adds frosting to the cake of her incompetence in fighting crime, repairing roads, creating jobs, and improving the lives of New Yorkers.


Joining her in her ham-fisted attempt to ensure that New York State remains at the bottom of desirable places to live in the U.S. is a Democrat-controlled state legislature. It is so obsessed with abortion, so blind to the reality of violence against pro-life pregnancy centers, that in the wake of a firebombing of one of these centers, CompassCare Community medical in Amherst, N.Y., they — wait for it — increased funding to protect abortion clinics. Yep, someone burns up your business, and the state provides additional protection for the entity that most benefits financially from the crime. Such is the paranoia of those with blood on their hands. New York is a gruesome partial-birth abortion state, after all. As the Mafia might reason, after a hit, it’s time to beef up security on the capo and his family.

Despite their caricature as a loose alliance of mendacious hacks, the legislature also authorized the state to act as a roaming investigator of the type of pregnancy help center that was just firebombed. Punishing the victim, anyone? The legislature acts as if it were the political arm of Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us. The kinder, gentler face of vigilantism. A smiling public facade behind which are those miscreant street thugs, the lynchpin of leftist violence threatening pro-life centers, Catholic Churches, and even the homes of justices on the Supreme Court. Great job, you tone-deaf guys and gals.

And while this was happening, the workers at pro-life CompassCare and their families had to go into hiding. Credible death threats put them on the run. Police protection? Hey, just keep 911 on speed dial. Police protection for me, but not for thee? Exactly how many pro-abortion workers and judges are in hiding right now? Zero.


The more attacks there are on those who favor throwing Roe v. Wade into the dustbin of history, the more money the hapless Hochul and the legislature are pouring into propping up abortion profiteers and their abortion advocacy flacks. New York City is already the abortion capital of the United States, a place where more black babies are aborted than born. One of the people fighting back is Chris Slattery, founder of the Expectant Mother Centers-EMC FrontLine, a pioneer in providing services to mothers who might otherwise seek abortions.

At a recent press conference, he and Theresa Bonapartis of Hope and Healing After an Abortion spoke out against the Westchester County legislature’s new so-called “Measure Protecting Access” law. The drive-by media was absent. There is only one side to this story, after all. But more appropriately, the bill should have been called a Measure to Protect Abortion Clinic Profits.

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“Not only is the County of Westchester trying to prohibit prayer vigils and sidewalk counseling and basic constitutional rights,” Slattery said. The law prohibits speaking to anyone or handing out a pamphlet on public property near an abortion clinic without a signed waiver granting explicit permission. “How do you get that,” Slattery said, “throw them a clipboard in the air so they can check off the box ‘I have explicit permission to speak to you or hand you a pamphlet’ — which is absurd. They are stripping away the most fundamental rights in the U.S. Constitution. These people have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution. They are taking away the right to freedom of speech and assembly.”


“You are trying to shut down the pro-life voices on the streets, the sidewalks, and in our pregnancy centers,” he said. “You’re not going to succeed. We’re going to take you to court. We’re going to beat you and throw you out of office. This pro-life movement has been the silent majority, and we are rising up to take back our country for sanity.”

He noted that EMC has counseled “over 150,000 women, most of whom were pregnant, and turned around tens of thousands. We could fill Madison Square Garden with the children, some of them now parents and grandparents, whose parents chose life, at least their mother did. After counseling and an offer to help, financial aid, legal support, emotional support, spiritual support, prenatal care, whatever the mother needs. The pregnancy centers in America, we stand with, and we stand by mothers.”

More power to him and his allies across the country. Gov. Hochul, the state legislature, and the Westchester County legislature are working overtime to do the bidding of abortion clinics and shut down opposition to their grisly practices. They want to intimidate peaceful activities by women who stand in front of clinics offering alternatives to abortion and providing services in pregnancy centers as a last-minute lifeline for both mother and child.

The clinics are losing money to both pregnancy centers and peaceful sidewalk counselors. Anyone who tells you it isn’t about the money, whether it’s clinic cash flow, donations into the pockets of politicians, or the huge profits from “packing and handling” baby body parts for ghoulish research, is looking through the wrong end of the telescope. The multi-billion-dollar abortion business is intent on clawing back any and all profits they’ve lost to the pro-life movement. And they appear ready to do it by any means possible, whether Constitutional or not.



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