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Harvey Weinstein Provides Further Proof that Hollywood Hates God

The story of Harvey Weinstein's abuse of women has been dominating the news cycle. Weinstein, co-founder of the famed Miramax studio and, until this week, co-chairman of the Weinstein Company, has been accused of sexual harassment by woman after woman. The accusations aren't new revelations; Hollywood has known for years that Weinstein treats women as if they exist solely for his enjoyment. Of course, Hollywood hasn't cared, because it has a history of treating women as if they exist solely for the enjoyment of men.

I can't help but wonder how many Christians will nod in agreement with the previous statement while surfing through Netflix to find a movie to watch. On one level, that's fine. As hard as this may be to believe, especially considering this current article and the many, many other anti-pop culture articles that I've written, I'm not opposed to movies or pop culture, in general. I am opposed to Christians denying the reality that pop culture is actively engaged in a war against their Savior. The denial of that reality allows Christians to excuse their interaction with pop culture in a manner that is unthinking, hypocritical, and dishonoring to Jesus.

To the great delight of my friends, I was recently called a "Victorian scold" in the comment section on one of my recent PJ Media articles. I happily accept the charge and ask, "more, please?" You see, as the Holy Spirit has grown me in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ, I have become increasingly concerned with the fascination that many of my brothers and sisters in Christ have with pop culture. Stealing the words of a great man of God who lived 500 years ago, "Here I stand; I can do no other. God help me." I will continue to use the platforms God has given me to call Christians to repentance over their blind acceptance of pop culture. Leftist men like Harvey Weinstein are constantly making my case for me. Hollywood hates God.

Others have written about the obvious hypocrisy coursing through this whole Weinstein mess. And they're correct. Add in the LA Times story this past week about how a fourth woman has come forward accusing revered director Roman Polanski of rape, the hero worship of pornographer and serial objectifier of women Hugh Hefner, and the continued fascination with violent rape scenes in movies, and it's not difficult to be disgusted by the hypocrisy of an industry that pretends to promote feminism—while being feted by the D.C. power players on the left. In fact, that's the article I originally wanted to write.

As I thought about it, though, I realized that the bigger story for me is how this illustrates the degrading, immoral, anti-human industry Hollywood is, and the sad reality that many Christians refuse to acknowledge Hollywood as deeply antithetical to their faith.

Hollywood is an industry that has, throughout its entire history and without any evidence of slowing down anytime soon, brazenly splashed their rebellion against the Creator of the universe across the movie and TV screens of this nation. And it's an industry that makes much of its money from professing Christians who love to be entertained.