PJ Media Monitor: Top Ten Underreported Stories You'll Want to Share

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Every week we scour the Internet to find the stories that apparently aren’t fit to print.

This week we’re looking at: the latest threats on liberty; Obama’s arrogant attitude toward Congress; the impact of Iran on our homeland security; the consequence of Obama’s treatment of Israel; and why an “American Pride” dance became such a problem for a school.


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The latest message from the Obama administration to our governors is: Believe what we tell you to, or else! According to the Washington Times, the Obama admin makes it harder for climate change skeptic governors to get FEMA funds.

Feds financing system to “Automatically Detect” Cyberbullying (i.e. free speech the government wants to control).

Freedom and the Constitution

Washington Free Beacon reports that in capitulating to Iran on the accord, Obama is trying to find a way to make congress irrelevant.

VIDEO: Through his willingness to veto a vote on immigration, Obama is basically saying that Congress’ opinion on the legality of his actions does not matter.

Homeland Security

In an interview with Fox News Insider, CIA Director John Brennan says, “Iran is still a state sponsor of terrorism.”

Investors Business Daily cites evidence that Obama’s position toward Iran “Invites Iranian Nuclear EMP Attack On The U.S. Power Grid.”


Obama & Israel

WILL PAY A PRICE”: Obama Sr. Advisor Valerie Jarrett promises to hurt Israel, Netanyahu.

Breaking a decades-old unwritten agreement with Israel, the Obama admin declassifies document revealing Israel’s nuclear program.

Washington Post: Obama faces backlash from democrats over his hostility towards Israel.

Say What Now?

High school advisors object to an “American Pride” dance to be held in historic Lexington, MA.


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