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5 Celebs the Dems Should Consider Running Against Trump in 2020

Since we're now electing celebrities as POTUS, I'm assuming the 2020 presidential election is going to look like a version of Celebrity Big Brother. Every C-list celeb yearning for B-list status is going to be tempted by the allure of face-time on CNN. Every B-list celeb wanting to catch the eye of A-list agents will view the campaign trail as an extended audition. And every A-list celeb who takes him or herself too seriously, which, to be frank, is all of them, will be convinced by the yes-men they've surrounded themselves with that they, too, could ... nay, should be the leader of the free world.

Whether #NeverTrump cuckservatives, Alt-Right "conservatives," or those weak-kneed conservatives who are still desperately attempting to convince family and friends that they're not the Alt-Right and that they just voted for President Trump as the lesser of two evils, we can all agree that the above scenario is a nightmare that is all too possible. As a way to head off the worst of the worst of the possible celeb-fueled 2020 presidential election nightmare scenarios, I've ranked the five celebs who wouldn't be as bad as, say, Lena Dunham or Eddie Vedder. Come on, Democrats, if you're going to run a celeb in 2020, pick one of the following five, please.

5. LeBron James

Until last season, I think the Dems would probably have been wary of nominating LeBron James. This joke says it best: "What happens if you ask LeBron for change for a dollar? He'll give you three quarters." Disappearing in the final quarter of the 2020 presidential election would ensure the Dems an even more embarrassing loss than in 2016. Now, however, after his improbable comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals, it's safe to say that LeBron has put the "choker" label to rest. Plus, he seems like a genuinely nice guy who actually cares about people. Granted, his politics are beyond suspect, but he is a liberal, after all. However, it should be noted that he's also a successful business owner who is focused on becoming even more successful. When push comes to shove, maybe just maybe, LeBron would pay closer attention to economic theories that actually help business owners create more wealth than to the economic theories of the left. As a bonus, it would be comforting knowing that our president could physically best every other world leader if needed.