DNC's November Message: Trump Didn't 'Hijack' GOP, But Is the GOP

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee said her party will run against the increasingly presumptive GOP nominee with the message that he is the Republican Party, not someone who took the party over.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) declared on CNN this morning that the GOP is "getting ready to nominate the most sexist, bigoted, misogynistic candidate that we've had in the modern presidential election cycles."

Asked if the Dems are planning to attack Donald Trump on his personal life, as Trump has been bringing up Bill Clinton's torrid history, Wasserman Schultz stressed that "our debates have been substantive, focusing on issues that matter to voters."

"So this election is going to be decided by voters who care about whether the person who wants to be our president has their back, is going to focusing on continuing to create jobs," she said.

"We've had 73 straight months of job growth in the private sector. Who's not going to take away people's health care from the 20 million who have health insurance now, but is going to add people to the healthcare rolls. That's going to make sure we can make education more affordable."

The chairwoman said Republicans voters are responding to Trump's "tone and his style."

"But that is an extremist Republican Party that's played out and, you know, Donald Trump didn't hijack the Republican Party. Donald Trump is the Republican Party," she added. "So, their voters, and who is coming out to support him and the entire way their primary has played out reflects how extreme and how off-base compared to the American people their party really is."

"We are going to prepare and are preparing fully to run the full gamut of a general election. We are going to focus on the issues, but we're certainly not going to let ridiculous, extreme attacks throw off the focus of this campaign where voters really want it to remain."