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Bernie's Choice: Brag About Not Being Negative or Try to Win

And make it quick.

Just two days after losing to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Nevada caucuses, Senator Bernie Sanders launched a broadside against his rival, aggressively emphasizing differences between himself and Clinton on issues of campaign finance and trade policy.

"What I intend to do over the next number of weeks is kind of contrast my record to Secretary Clinton's" Sanders began as he addressed the press at Boston's International Association of Ironworkers, Local 7.

Keeping true to his word, the Vermont senator -- who boasts of having never run a negative campaign -- dove into a litany of contrast points he sees between himself and Clinton, launching some of the most direct swipes Sanders has taken at his competitor during this campaign season.

"I am delighted that Secretary Clinton month after month seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated, that's good," he said.

"And in fact, she is beginning to use a lot of the language and phraseology that we have used," Sanders added, joking that he saw a TV ad and thought it was him speaking despite Clinton's photo being pictured in the spot.

Throughout this campaign it has seemed has if the Socialist Scamp from Vermont is just happy to be here. All people who run for POTUS have egos, and it's easy to see that Sanders is enjoying the youthful enthusiasm at his rallies. He hasn't, however, tried to deliver any damaging blows to Mrs. Bill. When given the opportunity, he has not only avoided going after her on the email scandal or the less savory aspects of her husband's tenure in the White House as it pertains to women, he's bragged about doing so. It's important for him to be above the fray, we get it. Unfortunately for him, his opponent eats, breathes and sweats fray. If he is going to battle Hillary in any way that damages her, he will eventually have to walk to the end of the 10 meter platform and dive into that fray.

If Bernie Sanders truly believes what he has been saying to his extremely devoted supporters, he at least owes them some effort to win. He may not be able to brag about never having run a negative campaign, but can boast that he saved America from Hillary Clinton.