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Happy 4th of July!






Hi everyone!

First, some good news…

I believe all of the softcovers have shipped and should be in just about everyone’s hands by now. The 2nd hardcover proof seems to have gotten out the last of the bugs and the new updated files have been uploaded. That should put the hardcover books into the print queue on Thursday. I will let you know when they have shipped, which I expect—.

See, there I go again. The finished files are uploaded. That’s a fact. That’s the limit of what I actually know right now. I will update as soon as I get confirmation from the printer.

And, again, please excuse the unconscionable delay. Your frustration is exceeded only by my own.

As you can see from the graphics, Ejectia continues its slow construction. In the comments for the last entry, someone mentioned perhaps getting a few images large enough for desktop wallpaper. Due to this unbelievable demand the images above are thumbnails for some 1024 and 1600 pixel-wide images.

Right now we are concentrating on the Library, where the “expertise articles” will live. I’ve hired some pros to put a little polish on the way we actually present those files.

Now, good news and bad news: Good news! The proposals and articles we have received are terrific. Bad news! WE NEED MORE OF THEM!

Now I am willing to bet my entire vast internet fortune on the fact that you are reading this thinking, on one hand, that maybe you do know a little something about making fly-fishing lures or a killer Key Lime Pie, or you know how to shop for an automobile because you used to be a dealer, or something like that… and then that evil little voice whispers yeah, well who gives a damn about that?

WE give a damn, that’s who! Let me tell you some of the topics we have already approved and look forward to in great anticipation: Dealing with Depression, Stone Soup recipes, Properties of Wool and other Natural Fibers, Life under Communism, Role-PLaying games, Roadside Assistance, Nuclear Power, Personal Defense, Weather Forecasting, Sourdough Cooking, Mine Safety, Beer Brewing, Financial Planning, and… um… that thing you know how to do.

See? Now’s your chance to experience all of the excitement, glamor and endless gnawing pressure of being an internet author! Send a two paragraph proposal stating what you know and who you are to [email protected]

As the sewers and electrical cables for Ejectia are unromantically being installed, I believe I will have to fill the void with a few non-Ejectia essays, starting, I think, with Michael Moore and Universal Healthcare. Oh, and there’s always that Global Warming thing. So no shortage of work for the wicked.

Finally, since it’s the Glorious Fourth, here’s a link to my all-time favorite piece of work, written on July 4th, 2003. That’s FOUR years ago…

TRINITY (part 1)
TRINITY (part 2)

Don’t blow off any body parts you don’t have spares for!