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** UPDATE: Wednesday, June 20th. **

This morning I received email notification that another 53 softcover books have just shipped. That still leaves several outstanding — they have been shipping in dribbles of five or six at a time previously — but this was a major run that should get most of the softcovers on the way. I should receive the 2nd proof of the hardcover late this week or early next; hardcover orders should be in the queue by next week, inshallah.

Thank you all for your continued generousity and patience. The kindness you have shown regarding these delays has been a great relief on an issue that has caused me great discomfort.


This is only the second time I have used this image. The first time was back in 2004. I had confidently stated in DETERRENCE that Osama had been killed at Tora Bora. Three days later, a video of him appeared discussing the Bush/Kerry election.

I put it up now because as of this writing about half of the softcover book orders have shipped. ALL of the softcover orders were entered within a 2-3 day period several weeks ago. Looking at the print invoices I can find no rhyme or reason as to why some shipped and others didn't, but all of them are in the print queue. There just doesn't seem to be a pattern at all. When I did this back in 2004, books were out the door within a day or two of the order being placed, and arrived 3-4 days after that. Looks like they've grown in the interim somewhat.

One of Murphy's Laws is Everything Takes Longer Than It Takes. I am particularly susceptible to this brand of mischief since I tend to be an untrammeled optimist about everything and therefore am perpetually behind schedule. The Hardcover had to go back for a second proof, and that is taking far longer than it did in the past.

Of all the things that stress me in life, nothing even approaches this feeling that I have let people down. If you are one of those who ordered the books for Father's Day, or have any other reason whatsoever for being unable to put up with the delay, email me at [email protected] and I will do whatever is in my power to make it up to you.

If you did pre-order a book and can continue to wait, please accept my thanks and deepest apologies for the delay.