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Let’s Not Lose Our Pajamas… Media Entirely

Maybe it’s a side effect of age, but I seem to feel the need to hearken back to my roots, and to PJ Media’s roots every once in a while.  Or perhaps it was attending the Allen Area Patriots meeting (the Allen, Texas tea party group) recently and having people talk about reading “Pajamas Media” since 2005. Regardless of the reason, it’s good to remember from whence we came.

If you don’t remember the whole story, it’s well summarized on Wikipedia here.  Certainly, many of the attendees at the Allen Area Patriots did.  As the “old folks” re-told the story of how Pajamas Media started, and got its name, some of the newer members were surprised we ever changed the name.

As much as the original name was well loved by the site’s devotees, as Pajamas Media’s viewership and status as a media outlet grew, it because increasingly clear to those of us who were going out covering political events, writing opinion pieces for other outlets, and generally doing serious “journalist things” with other journalists, that a more “serious” name was a good idea.  So Pajamas was shortened to PJ.

But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy spending an evening being introduced as “Ed Driscoll, you know, from Pajamas Media.”