Ed Driscoll

Best. Code. Ever!

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Some timely music from Reason TV’s Remy. Sample lyrics:

And we’ll dance all night, it’s the best code ever
Some folks pay a lot, others they pay never
And you’ll get tax breaks if you’re really clever
It’ll take so long, it’s the best code ever
They’ll be like “oh, oh no”
We’ll be like “yeah, yeah, yeah.”
We’ll be like “awww.”

You may have heard that all your info
on our systems can be hacked with ease
But rest assured if they don’t get them
they’ll be in the care of folks like these
Yes historians will all agree
among the greatest works in history

Note to the Washington Post and the L.A. Times, which are doing their best this month to restore the IRS’s already sullen reputation (good luck with that), he means it ironically.