Obama Still Partying with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn

Last week, when the New York Daily News claimed that Obama was “shocked” by Mitt Romney’s 2012 concession call, I thought, “shocked” by anything milquetoast Mitt Romney said? This is guy who was once buddies with a woman infamous for shouting, “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the pig Tate’s stomach! Wild!”, after the Manson family massacred actress Sharon Tate and four others during that same horrific night.


Turns out, he’s still buddies with Dohrn and ever more notorious husband. As Allahpundit writes at Hot Air, “The reunion came, allegedly, at the wedding of MSNBC talking head Alex Wagner to White House chef Sam Kass, a Chicago native who apparently is himself pals with Ayers and Dohrn. Per Ace, Obama’s encounter with the ‘good’ terrorists happened just a few days after the ‘bad’ terrorists in ISIS murdered James Foley:”

Gawker’s precisely right about the takeaway from this. In ways very, very large (ahem) and very, very small (ahem), Obama’s entered the WGAF stage of his presidency. There’s no way he’d have chanced encountering Ayers when his own ass was on the line electorally in 2008 and 2012; I’m amazed, actually, that he’d have chanced it last summer with the midterms just months away and Democrats desperate not to be hit with more bad news. But then Obama’s always cared much more about Barack Obama’s political viability than he has about the Democratic Party’s.

In fact, the news about him running into Ayers last year is a bit like Axelrod admitting that O privately supported gay marriage in 2008 even while he was telling voters otherwise. In both cases, O was willing to show his true feelings only after he’d calculated that the political risk to him had dissipated. With gay marriage, that meant lying about his faith; with Ayers, it meant pretending that “palling around” with a terrorist was an innocent mistake he’d made in the past, an artifact of moving in similar social circles in Chicago.

Anyway. When’s the big Oval Office reunion with Reverend Wright?


What a home run that would be, eh?

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Update: By the way, just as a reminder:


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