Ed Driscoll

The Closing of the American Mind

“College celebrates MLK’s dream with white privilege event,” Campus Reform reports:

The all-women’s college in Massachusetts celebrated Martin Luther King Jr., Day on Monday with a two-hour interactive event on “white privilege” and what “being white means post Ferguson.”

According to an email sent out to the student body from Mount Holyoke’s Office of Student Programs and obtained by Campus Reform, the event was facilitated by Elizabeth Thompson, an area coordinator for the school’s residential life, and Jessica Avery, a Mount Holyoke student. Both Thompson and Avery are white.

Monday’s event had student attendees develop their own definition of “white privilege,” according to a student who attended the event and wished to remain anonymous.

Huh. I can remember decades ago, a prominent American stressing the vital importance of judging people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.

Say, what was his name again?

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You stay classy, Jim Crow TV.