Ed Driscoll

Twilight of the Rage-Whiners

Spot-on meme from Jim Geraghty, who rounds up reports of the highway and brunch blockers and writes:

There is no actual “activism” here. There is no attempt at persuasion here. There is no thought here. There is only resentment and anger and a desire to lash out at anybody who isn’t one of them. There’s no agenda or plan to actually improve things.  There’s no call to action. It’s just rage-whining.

My fellow men and women of the Right… yes, we have our bad days. Yes, there are times somebody on our side embarrasses us or does something stupid. But we can all thank our lucky stars we don’t have idiots, losers, and misanthropic rage-mongers like this claiming to act in the name in our cause.

Notice that there’s not a single prominent member of the Democratic Party willing to call out this idiocy for what it is. Notice that the furies are disrupting life in Oakland, Boston, San Francisco and New York City, places where Republicans, much less conservatives, are few and far between. The far Left is making life miserable for the rank-and-file Democrats, and Mayor de Blasio, Governors Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown, and President Obama are nowhere to be found, nothing to say.  They can’t take the Left on too directly or too loudly.

Other than Barry Goldwater’s doomed-from-the-start presidential bid in 1964, the domestic wars that tore America apart in the 1960s were strictly a blue on blue affair. Bull Connor was on the Democratic National Committee, and the protests against Vietnam involved the nascent New Left versus the old left personified by an FDR and Truman inspired Lyndon Johnson. And similarly, as Stephen Miller recently wrote at Ricochet, conservatives and libertarians in 2015 are on “The Sidelines of Chaos:”

Conservatives don’t control culture. They don’t control Hollywood, music, film, journalism, the web or universities. They are spectators to the theater of outrage currently manifesting itself in this country. They can root for their side on social media — which is also, by and large, controlled by liberal ideology — but that’s about it. Conservatives are an island of misfit toys. They are sitting in lifeboats and helplessly watching the Titanic slip under.

What’s happening now, right now, in this country and this culture is the culmination of Obama’s policies and philosophies. Our semi-retired President is content to fly to Hawaii while people sit in their cars and fight the urge not to plow through a ranting leftist mob that is preventing them from seeing their family on Christmas.

Obama believes the country is owed a penalty that the justice system has failed to provide. Those sentences are to be carried out by trained community organizers. Creating a small army of organizers is easy when 92 million angry people are out of work. Protesters who storm private businesses, malls, and block hallways are simply implementing tactics Obama proudly promotes through his street cult OFA and Eric Holder.

What is happening in cities across the country is exactly what candidate Obama intended when he spoke of fundamental transformation. A permanent and organized outrage class, preferably filled with young people who attend a college campus where Obama has spoken. It’s not an accident that Columbia University is now the favorite to land Obama’s presidential library; the same Columbia where a young Eric Holder participated in a forced occupation of the dean’s office.

Just as Richard Nixon campaigned in 1968 as the law & order president after the riots, assassinations and chaos of LBJ’s Orwellianly-named “Great Society” era of 1967 and ’68, and Ronald Reagan offered an enormous contrast to the exhausted domestic and foreign policies of Jimmy Carter in 1980, there’s a huge opportunity for a presidential candidate to say enough is enough to the world created by Barack Obama, aka Lyndon Johnson Mark III. Who’s going to capitalize on this moment?

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Update: Speaking of leftwing rage-whining and bad ’60s flashbacks, do those who have called snipers such as Chris Kyle “cowards” not get that when you insult a class of soldiers, you’re insulting the American military as a whole? I thought the left had learned how ugly it looks when they don’t support the troops even if they disagree with their mission by the 1980s, hence the first round of the “We Support the Troops” bumper stickers during Operation Desert Storm in 1990. What caused them to regress now, especially when there’s a Democrat in the White House?