Ed Driscoll

Europe's Partying Like It's 1939


“History Repeats Itself,”  Ron Radosh writes at the Weekly Standard today. The headlines this week certainly have a ring of deja vu, don’t they?

“Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns.”

—Headline, the Washington Free Beacon, today.

● THE EXODUS IS HERE: Our French lineage traces back to 1727. We’re leaving. “We were part of France – until France ceased to be France.”

—Headline, Instapundit.com today.

● “Multiculturalism is the twin of appeasement.”

—Money quote from Victor Davis Hanson’s latest essay at PJM on “Multicultural Suicide.”

And for dark comic relief:

“Ron Paul Institute: Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Like 9/11, Was a False Flag Operation.”

—Headline at the Weekly Standard last night. So Ron Paul’s acolytes are seeing Reichstag Fires in their heads? Well, somebody’s timing and motives should be questioned: