Ed Driscoll

You Stay Classy, David Brooks

So there’s some people like, you know, frankly, this show, we’re at the adult table of conversation. (The other panelists were NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, National Review editor Rich Lowry, New York Times reporter Helene Cooper, and Islamic Monthly editor Arsalan Iftikhar; anti-Islamist writer and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali was also scheduled but “decided to not appear,” according to Todd). Some people like Ann Coulter, they’re at the kiddie table. Charlie Hebdo, that’s the kiddie table. Let the kiddie table have the kiddie table ’cause sometimes they’ll say things that those of us at the adult table need to hear. Don’t crack down on them.


—Say what you will about the rhetorical excesses of conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter, and a satire magazine staffed by French socialists. But describing Charlie Hebdo as sitting at “the kiddie table” less than a week after a dozen people were murdered in their offices is in staggeringly bad taste. Particularly coming from the one “conservative” who was alleged to be sufficiently nuanced to be considered palatable to the delicate leftwing flowers employed by Pinch Sulzberger.

And particularly when there’s no way Brooks would be brave enough to utter the American equivalent of this.

But then, if there’s anyone who should be sitting at the kiddie table, it’s fashion and style-obsessed Brooks and his equally sophomoric editor.

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