Ed Driscoll

Frantic Gray Lady Still Finding Holiday Unusually Stressful

What is it with the Times and food, anyhow? In addition to yesterday’s incredible Thanksgiving recipe correction, in 2010, when Pinch’s son Arthur G. Sulzberger was named the Times’ “Kansas City correspondent,” the paper put out a preening memo that actually stated Pinch Jr. “may be hard pressed to find vegetarian food amid all the barbecue joints, but he’ll have no trouble finding stories,” thus reinforcing the cliche, how do you someone is a vegetarian? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you within 30 seconds of meeting them, and causing Kathy Shaidle to quip,  “Outside of Manhattan, ‘vegetarian food’ is widely available at things called ‘supermarkets.’”


And beyond that easily-found source, they can be located in .36 seconds using a “Website” called “Google” found on a relatively new technology called the “World Wide Web,” which has been around since the early 1990s, running on a slightly older platform called  “the Internet,” invented in 1969, by, ironically enough, the military-industrial complex. (Pinch, Punch, and likely the newest Sulzberger have actually heard of that last item, hence the lack of quotation marks associated with what is perceived to be novel and new.)

As for the rest of us, enjoy your turkey! It’s a free gift from your friends at PJM, as our news helicopter is airlifting dozens of them to your local shopping mall even as we speak:


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