Ed Driscoll

Well, That Didn't Take Long

This is the satiric Photoshop I did back in April for Roger Simon’s post titled, “College: The Sixty-Five Thousand Dollar Misunderstanding,” which referenced the Obama administration and Columbia University’s fixation on “gender-neutral bathrooms,” combined with the then-recent Facebook freakout that led to them adding 56(!) gender choices for users to pick from.

As Britain’s Malcolm Muggeridge observed a half century ago, there is no way for any satirist to outpace reality.

Of course these days, reality and Harvard are on increasingly chilly terms:

The Twitter account for Harvard Divinity School published a photograph of a sign outside a campus restroom. The restroom is labeled an “all gender restroom” and the sign adds that “anyone can use this restroom, regardless of gender identity or expression.”

Here’s the tweet:

So what will arrive next at the crossroads of gender and socialism? As often is the case in these matters, Britain leads the way