Ed Driscoll

'An Unusually Vivid Reminder of What a Schmuck Biden is'

“Joe Biden 2012: Can you believe Mitt Romney wants to hit Syria?”, as spotted by Allahpundit today at Hot Air: 

Via the Corner, an amazing clip — even more amazing than when it first made the rounds a year ago, when Obama announced that he wanted to bomb the opposite side of the conflict in Syria from the one we began bombing last night. In the year since, literally every Romney 2012 position mocked by Biden in the clip below has turned out to be prescient. Romney said it was a mistake to bring everyone home from Iraq. Verdict: Yep, pretty much. Romney said we should be more confrontational and less cooperative with Russia. Verdict: You tell me. Romney implied he’d intervene in Syria to keep chemical weapons out of the hands of jihadis. Verdict: President “Red Lines” adopted the same position less than a year later. Romney claimed it was a mistake to set a date for total withdrawal from Afghanistan. Verdict: The jury’s out but I know which way I’m betting.

Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey spots the Mother of All Corrections at the New York Times: “On second thought, Bush did pull together a coalition on Iraq,” Ed writes, adding that “it only took them two weeks to realize their error! It seems that the Paper of Record had no record of the broad coalition built by George W. Bush for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, including ground troops from more than a dozen nations, when it attempted to explain the difference between the approaches of Bush and Barack Obama on war in Iraq and now Syria.”

Who knew?  Other than the New York Times in 2003, that is:

Forget Nexis access. Forget Google search capabilities. Are we to imagine that reporters at the New York Times — and their editors — can’t figure out how to access their own archives?

But the Times charges its readers for access to some of those archives — those Shylocks! (As Joe Biden might slur, much to the confusion of the average Timesman.)