Margaret Sanger: The War Years

While Hitler, Tojo, Stalin and Mussolini were inflicting their various flavors of totalitarian socialist nihilism upon the rest of the world, Margaret Sanger,  pioneering eugenicist, Klan and Nazi aficionado, and founder of Planned Parenthood was doing her bit as well to undermine civilization here in America. Or as blogger “Dalrock” grimly quips, “No hiatus for solipsism during World War II.”


Sanger gave a radio speech in which she described a young mother she had recently met who was jealous and bemoaning the fact that her husband, drafted into American military service, got to experience the “excitement” and exotic lands of World War II (aka, blood-caked and landmine strewn battlefields), while was she stuck home with the baby and the house. (In the comments to his link to the post, one of Glenn Reynolds’ readers notes that the GI was obviously trying to cheer up his young wife by downplaying the hellish risks he was facing on a daily basis.) I don’t want to block-quote Sanger’s speech here, because I don’t want to steal too much of Dalrock’s post without sending you over to read it, but Dalrock does question its timing:

The date of the program was July 19, 1944.  This was just a little over a month after D Day and before the Normandy breakout.  World War II was very much still raging in Europe, and American men were still fighting and dying there.  Yet at this very time we had (if we believe the story), a woman complaining to strangers on a train about the exciting adventures her husband was enjoying in the European theater (most likely as a result of being drafted).  Moreover, this was a story Sanger felt perfectly comfortable sharing on the radio at home to the wives and mothers of US servicemen, as those men continued to fight and die overseas.


Of course, immediately after World War II, Sanger, here being interviewed by England’s Pathé newsreel service under her married name of Margaret Slee, was some piece of work as well:

[jwplayer config=”pjmedia_eddriscoll” mediaid=”72973″]

As I noted in April, when Pathé uploaded this clip as part of a  huge cache of their archives to YouTube, as with her D-Day speech, Sanger’s timing is astonishing. The above clip dates from 1947. Just two years prior, a minor event, the aforementioned World War II had been concluded, which Wikipedia notes killed 60 million people.

And it had been immediately preceded by the Soviet terror famine, the Depression, and World War I.

And Margaret Sanger is calling for “no more babies” for a decade.

To paraphrase Dalrock’s headline, solipsism, nihilism, and Malthusianism never sleep.


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