Fareed Zakaria's 'Paste-American World'

“How Fareed Zakaria Plagiarized In His International Bestseller (And The Magazines He Used To Run),” from Our Bad Media, which is running roughshod once again over the Time-Warner-CNN-HBO-employed journalist who publicly plumped for the role of Obama advisor:


Fareed Zakaria’s 2008 The Post-American World is the book that lets him call himself “a New York Times’ bestselling author.” The Times itself called it a “relentlessly intelligent book” and it gained even more prominence when then-Senator Barack Obama was spotted holding on to it during the presidential campaign. The book proved so popular that in 2011, a “2.0” edition was released with additional material.

Post-American World can be best described up as the kind of book your dad bought at the airport to kill time reading about This Changing Planet Of Ours, then bought again later because it had a 2.0 at the end, the way his phone’s fart noise app did when it added new fart noises. Zakaria’s website says the work features “trends he identified [that] have proceeded faster than anyone could have anticipated…As Zakaria eloquently argues, Washington needs to begin a serious transformation of its global strategy, moving from its traditional role of dominating hegemon to that of a more pragmatic, honest broker.”

It all sounds like a very intense effort by Zakaria to alert the nation to our shifting role in the world. What may not be publically known is that the 2.0 update, as well as related work that appeared in other outlets, feature content that Zakaria’s lifted heavily and often word-for-word, without attribution. On more than a number of occasions, Zakaria has taken entire paragraphs from the authors and shifted them around in an apparent attempt to avoid detection.


Which book is that? Oh right, this one:


Hey if only Fareed had hired Bill Ayers to help him with the legwork for his book, he could have spent more time lounging in the Grill Room of the Four Seasons and less time dodging plagiarism charges…


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