Political Cartoonist Implies Obama Consumes Illegal Narcotics, GOP Wishes POTUS Death


Like many in the MSM, Clay Bennett of the Chattanooga Times Free Press is doing everything he can to help the president by ginning up impeachment rumors, though Bennett dials the lunacy up to #11 and then some, using a primitive, brutal — and ultimately zany — metaphor. Unfortunately, for those familiar with the Trayvon Martin case (beyond, apparently, what was reported in the Chattanooga Times Free Press), it also implies some ugly metaphors regarding the president. Such as — what the cartoonist depicts him holding in his hands:


Not to mention, the implication that Harry Reid is apparently ready to join in on making impeachment a bipartisan affair, since George Zimmerman — according to his brother — was an Obama supporter himself, at least before the president, to borrow one of his own metaphors, led the pitchforks against him.

And then there’s the cartoon’s ugly implication of the president’s homophobia….

Apparently, the Chattanooga Times Free Press chose not to run — or to quickly delete Bennett’s cartoon, but not before it began circulating on Twitter, including at Twitchy and the Washington Post. It should serve as a warning that using a hologram constructed in the DNC-MSM Ministry of Truth can backfire on those who know more about a story than the MSM chose to circulate.

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Related: “Why Obama Is Concocting An Impeachment Threat: Because He Has Nothing Else.” From Kyle Smith at the New York Post. “Sadly, this is the most benign explanation,” Glenn Reynolds adds.


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