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Time Stands Still In 'Progressive' Old Europe

● "Belgian doctor refuses treatment to Jewish patient."

—Headline, Jerusalem Post, today.

● "'How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-Semite?' Adolf Hitler asked his party members in 1920. No one thought it an odd question."

—As quoted at Small Dead Animals today.

Oh, and bonus anti-Semitism: Mika Brzezinski seems determined to live up to that previous quote: "Keep it Right Here on Morning Jew."

Update: Mika's Freudian slip occurred yesterday; her "conservative" co-host seems determined to keep up theme, though: Joe Scarborough Turns On Israel: These Attacks are ‘Asinine,’ ‘Indiscriminate.’

MSNBC: We Are All Al Sharpton Now.

Just ask the channel's president: In 2011, MSNBC’s Phil Griffin told NPR, “I’m a big fan of the Reverend Sharpton. I’ve known him quite a bit. he’s smart. He’s entertaining. He’s experienced. He’s thoughtful. He’s provocative, all the things I think that MSNBC is.” And how.

More: Breaking News from 1938: "German Jews Warned: Hide Your Jewishness 'The Risk Of Being Target Of An Attack Is Too Large.'"