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Ed Driscoll.com Regrets the Error

In a post last month titled, “Why Democrats Call Americans Racist,” we posited:

As in the 2010 midterms, expect the madness from the left to ramp up exponentially between now and November. They’re just getting started.

(And then presumably some time between mid-November and the start of the new year, the left will begin declaring half of America sexist. Unexpectedly.)

We apologize for getting the timing wrong; DNC Vice Chairwoman Donna Brazile opened up that particular assault on Americans, yesterday:


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As Ed Morrissey responds, “Ahem:”

Brazile and her fellow Democrats spent all summer in 2012 attacking Mitt Romney’s wealth and the business he created, even while Barack Obama kept a former Bain exec as an advisor. Harry Reid accused Romney of tax evasion for a decade, allegations which proved utterly false, in an attempt to pressure Romney into releasing his income tax records for Democrats to attack — which they did, incessantly. Romney, who never pretended to be a middle-class guy “struggling” to pay his bills, got repeatedly painted as a prep-school elitist who couldn’t possibly understand the experience of middle America on the basis and origin of his wealth.

Now, suddenly, focusing on wealth is not just improper but sexist. In Clintonworld, what’s good for the gander is decidedly not good for the goose, so it’s time to smear critics to pre-empt the attacks. Outside Democrats aren’t the only ones panicking over Hillary’s gaffe-a-thon, apparently.

And thus, the next two and a half years or more of reactionary leftwing punditry write itself. In 2007 and 2008, America was a hotbed of the very worst sorts of racism, which could only find redemption from original sin by electing a leftwing black president. And then in 2010, when Americans turned on that president — as they tend to do during the midterms of most presidents, no matter what their ideological worldviews, America returned to being the epicenter of the very worst sorts of racism in the eyes of the Democrat operatives with bylines*.

Similarly, for the next two and a half years, America will be a focal point of the most rank sorts of sexism, and will only be able to redeem itself by electing the first leftwing woman president. And then if it actually does, will return to its medieval ways when it turns on her in the midterms of her administration.

Plus ça change.

Exit quote, which applies equally well to debates regarding would-be presidential candidates as well:

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* H/T: IP.