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Get David Gregory on the Case!

“BREAKING: Obama Administration Kids Broke D.C. Law in Music Video,” reports the Washington Free Beacon — and fair is fair; since there’s no aspect of life the administration doesn’t want to politicize, Alinsky’s Rule Four demands that they — and their offspring — obey those same rules themselves.


I don’t want to steal the Beacon’s photos, so here’s the backstory: the preteen sons of Obama’s advisors, including Jay Carney, last seen kissing Obama’s suit jacket on the way out, formed a rock group, and recorded a paint-by-numbers song and equally formulaic accompanying video. As Sonny Bunch noted in a post titled “Awful Children Release Awful Song,” “And here, ladies and gentlemen, is everything wrong with the Beltway set: It’s all about who you know, not what you can do:”

You’re a kid who can kinda hold a guitar or prance around the stage while whinily singing nonsense? Let’s professionally produce a song and a video and get you some attention in the press! These little twerps will probably have a keynote gig at the Democratic convention lined up by the end of next week. You can watch their caterwauling here:

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”73698″]

In the follow-up post at the Beacon, Andrew Stiles writes, “Some awful Democrats are outraged and calling for Sonny’s head:”

What they should REALLY be outraged about is the complete disregard for basic child safety measures, not to mention the blatant flouting of D.C. bike laws, on display in the “Heart Thief” video, which features the “band” skateboarding and riding around on bikes in our nation’s capital WITHOUT HELMETS. According to a Free Beacon analysis, that’s awful.

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It is unclear if the children (who are all under the age of 16) were apprehended and fined during the course of shooting the video, or if they are first time offenders. The good news is that their parents can probably afford the fines. But on the other hand: WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

The revelations come just one day after President Obama hosted a conference at the White House to highlight the dangers of head injuries among young athletes.

Perhaps the Twenty20 kids should take after their Sidwell Friends classmate Malia Obama, and her helmet-wearing biker dad.


I’m sure David Gregory will be breaking this story wide open on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

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