Reminder: Soylent Green Not Intended as How-To Guide

“Two UK hospitals incinerated the remains of dead babies for heat,” Allahpundit writes, linking to this article in the London Telegraph:

Another 10 hospitals incinerated remains as part of standard garbage disposal protocol. Treat the unborn as “medical waste” and don’t be surprised when some facilities take that idea to its logical conclusion.

The Telegraph’s headline implies that incineration was reserved for aborted babies, as some sort of final ghoulish indignity for the unwanted, but the story says the policy was broader than that. Miscarried fetuses ended up being burned too.

Last night the Department of Health issued an instant ban on the practice which health minister Dr Dan Poulter branded ‘totally unacceptable.’…

One of the country’s leading hospitals, Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge, incinerated 797 babies below 13 weeks gestation at their own ‘waste to energy’ plant. The mothers were told the remains had been ‘cremated.’

Another ‘waste to energy’ facility at Ipswich Hospital, operated by a private contractor, incinerated 1,101 foetal remains between 2011 and 2013.

They were brought in from another hospital before being burned, generating energy for the hospital site. Ipswich Hospital itself disposes of remains by cremation.


Read on for Allahpundit’s particularly brutal exit questions.

And if the above story sounds like something out of what might euphemistically called post-Weimar Germany, well, that’s probably not a coincidence, particularly given what preceded post-Weimar Germany.

“Say, didn’t the Brits once fight a war against a society that burned people in ovens because they weren’t considered human beings?”, Jim Treacher asks.

Yes, Britain fought admirably against National Socialism — and by the end of the war, their government was hellbent on nationalizing and socializing enormous swatches of their own economy.  To borrow one of Allahpundit’s favorite lines, what could go wrong?


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