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Core MSM Audience Forgets How Headlines Work

"Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend Found Dead, Official Says," the New York Times tweets; their headline is echoed by numerous other Websites and news agencies. Leftists have a cow (or the vegan tofu equivalent thereof):

See, a headline is designed to get someone to read an article. And L'Wren Scott is (was) nowhere near the name that Mick Jagger is. In order to get the maximum number of people to read about her death -- and her career -- the shortest, quickest way to grab eyeballs is to mention the Jagger connection. Otherwise, the majority of readers will wonder why they should read the article.

But hey, if you want to accuse your fellow leftists at the New York Times as being sexist misogynists, well, have fun storming Pinch's castle along with the rest of us.