Political Lie of the Year Frontrunners Emerge

It’s not even the end of February yet, and already, a pair of frontrunners has simultaneously emerged for the lie of the year. First up, all bad news everywhere about Obamacare is simply one giant Kochtopus-funded lie, says Harry Reid:


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As Allahpundit writes in response to the above clip, “Great news from Harry Reid: All ObamaCare horror stories are untrue:”

Actually, the real meta-problem for Democrats on ObamaCare that this clip exemplifies is that, from the beginning, they simply would not and could not pitch this boondoggle as a matter of trade-offs. Yes, Obama could have said, if you like your plan you may not be able to keep your plan, but the trade-off is that you’ll get “comprehensive” coverage from now on. Yes, the White House could have said, healthy young people will get hosed by being legally compelled to buy insurance they almost certainly won’t need, but the trade-off is that the money insurers make off of them will be used to pay for treatments for very sick people. Yes, Harry Reid could have said, there are some real horror stories involved in this program, but the trade-off is that it’s made life better for more people than the old system did. They could have said this, but acknowledging trade-offs means admitting that Democratic proposals do indeed have serious costs, possibly serious enough to fatally wound public support for them while they’re making their way through Congress. So we get another Big Lie instead.


And speaking of the Big Lie:

Glenn Reynolds tweets in response:

As November approaches, expect the craziness of the left to ramp up exponentially, both in terms of tone and memory lapses.

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