Ed Driscoll

And With One Photo, The Notion that Voter ID is Racist Ends

“The GOP should introduce the Nelson Mandela Voter Protection Act,” Jon Gabriel writes at Ricochet:

Instead of admitting their Dig Up The Vote strategy, the Democratic Party offers a nuanced argument against voter ID advocates: “YOU’RE RACIST!!!” It’s time to turn the tables.

The GOP should introduce the Nelson Mandela Voter Protection Act.

As you can see in the photo, the lionized founder of modern South Africa is a big fan of voter identification. Strict ID requirements are the law of the land, helping to minimize voter fraud from Cape Town to Pretoria. Mandela understood that this simple law ensures that every voter of every race can make their voice heard on election day:


Basic propriety and copyright issues prevent me from including the photo here, so click over to read Jon’s post, and see the photo of Nelson Mandela wearing a T-Shirt that says: “Get an ID. Register. Vote.”

Good enough for Mandela, good enough for America.

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