Inside the Mind of Andrea Mitchell

Captain Kirk: Wait, Mr. Spock! We have yet to try Vulcan mind meld, where you actually enter the alien’s brain, merge with his intelligence and read his thoughts.
Mr. Spock: I entered Mr. Goodman’s mind while you were talking to Dr. McCoy, Captain. It was all.. all dark and empty in there. And.. and there were little mice in the corners and spiders had spun this web..
Captain Kirk: Spock!
Mr. Spock: I kept bumping my head on the ceiling, and once..
Captain Kirk: Snap out of it, Spock!
Mr. Spock: [with a shudder] It’s okay, Captain.. I’m alright now.


— John Belushi as Capt. Kirk and Chevy Chase as Mr. Spock describing their encounter with a typical high-level NBC employee in Michael O’Donoghue’s brilliant parody of “The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise,” from the first season of Saturday Night Live, May 29, 1976.

In an incident ignored by the media, race-baiter extraordinaire Andrea Mitchell and other big-name journalists candidly exposed their bigotry and racial prejudices at a friendly forum in the nation’s capital last year.

In an unusually candid conversation, mainstream media stars Mitchell, David Gregory, and Dana Milbank let loose in an orgy of Caucasian self-flagellation during a panel discussion titled, “Media: Race & Politics – The Impact of Race in Politics 2012,” at the National Action Network’s conference in Washington, D.C.  The left-wing street thug group is headed by none other than Jew-hating homophobe and Obama ally Al Sharpton.

Now’s a good time to bring this up as Mitchell, one of the biggest Obama supplicants on the boob tube, improbably receives the National Press Club’s highest honor, the Fourth Estate Award, at a gala banquet tonight in the capital city.  Mitchell is receiving the prize even though it is designated for “a journalist who has made significant contributions to the field through a lifetime of excellence.”

Mitchell is NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and host of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

The panel discussion, which took place April 13, 2012, ought to be old news, but it didn’t make the news at all: no media outlets got around to reporting it at the time.  Presumably they weren’t interested because they agreed with the speakers and didn’t consider their comments controversial.  Of course, April 13 last year was two days after George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.  (Martin’s mourning parents made an appearance at the conference.)

The Sharpton-sponsored gabfest offers a window into why Mitchell’s co-workers, the left-wing propagandists of NBC, doctored an audio recording of Zimmerman’s call to emergency 9-1-1 dispatchers to make him look racist.

Mitchell and other panelists essentially laid out their race-baiting journalistic philosophy, giving away a chapter of the racial arsonist playbook.  These activists believe in outcome-based journalism, twisting and inventing facts, lying, and distorting in order to inject race as an issue where it doesn’t belong.


“The World According to Andrea Mitchell,” Matthew Vadum at the American Thinker yesterday.

Read the whole thing, which does much to place all of NBC’s falsehoods and selectively edited videos over the past four years into perspective. Not to mention, as Hugh Hewitt recently wrote, the “Age and Race Discrimination At MSNBC: Attention Plaintiff Lawyers Suing NBC.”

Related: Blogger “Yid With Lid” writes that “The Tea Party Has Become The ‘Joooos’ of American Politics.”

Emmanuel Goldstein, call your office.


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