Ed Driscoll

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

“Remember ‘The End of Irony’?”, asks Kathy Shaidle:

Mainstream liberal pundits. What are they good for…?

No one will ever forget the first time that saw The Onion’s “Holy Fucking Shit!” graphic. They achieved the impossible that week. This piece in US News & World Report remembers who else said what when after 9/11.

However irony deprived comedians felt during the brief interregnum in the culture war immediately after 9/11, they certainly more than made up for it in 2008, nominating the second coming of Chauncey Gardiner, his Styrofoam columns, and eschaton-immantizing psychobabble.

As Richard Fernandez writes, Styrofoam Olympus has now fallen. Though it took the left hearing its own rhetoric fed back to them by Vladimir Putin, in the op-ed pages of Obama house organ the New York Times no less, to begin to realize it.

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