Ed Driscoll

Metaphor Alert

“President Obama’s ambulance runs out of gas, sparks criticism,” DC-area ABC affiliate WJLA reports:

As President Obama travels to and from the White House in his motorcade, the number one concern is keeping him safe. A critical constant is a DC Fire and EMS ambulance, typically Medic 1, that trails behind in the event of a medical emergency.

But on August 8, as the President and First Lady were leaving the White House to celebrate Mr. Obama’s 52nd birthday at the restaurant Rasika in West End, Medic 1 ran out of gas.

Fire officials confirm that the vehicle was towed away and is now being repaired off-site. Fire officials say that as per policy, the crew should have but did not fill up the tank that day. Sources say the bigger issue is that the vehicle’s fuel gauge had been broken for months and not been repaired.

Between Kathleen Sebelius dreaming of socialized medicine, and former “energy” secretary Steven Chu pimping for sky-high European-style gas prices, is it any wonder that Medic I is as dysfunctional as every other element of the Obama administration?