Ed Driscoll

At Last, MSNBC Finds Suitable Replacement for Keith Olbermann


“Alec Baldwin Joins MSNBC Friday Primetime Lineup,” Ben Shapiro writes at Big Journalism. At last, MSNBC has found a media personality even more self-destructive than Keith Olbermann:

On Thursday evening, Mediaite reported that actor Alec Baldwin will be joining the MSNBC primetime lineup every Friday night at 10 PM ET. His program will replace the Lockup prison documentary series that airs at that time each Friday.

So in terms of content, it’s a lateral move for both Baldwin and MSNBC.

Read Ben’s post for a quick rundown on Baldwin’s more infamous meltdowns, which in retrospect now seem like an audition reel for his inevitable link-up with the one TV network that’s as perilously leftwing as he is. In other news regarding the ever-expanding Baldwin oeuvre, Kathy Shaidle writes that he’s inexplicably recorded an interview for Criterion’s upcoming and long-awaited Blu-Ray edition of John Frankenheimer’s awesome mid-1960s film Seconds, one of the most unusual (and terrifying) films that Rock Hudson ever made. No word yet as to why Criterion tapped the volcanic Baldwin for his thoughts on the film, given that he has absolutely no connection to it, other than, given the theme of the movie, perhaps Baldwin longs to change his entire appearance, personality, and identity.

Oh and speaking of Olbermann, the clock begins ticking tonight on his next unemployment slip.

Allahpundit-esque Exit Question: How long before either man is accused by an equally foulmouthed distaff leftwing guest of committing the heinous crime of “mansplaining?”

Update: “So MSNBC rewards people who use gay slurs by hiring them for primetime? And @maddow gets to do the toss! #Irony” Heh.™