Ed Driscoll

He's Gotta Have It!

Weiner beat goes on – and on! Sext gal says jerky pol would call 5 times a day.” The New York Post’s got a fevaaaah, and the only prescription is more gratuitous Anthony Weiner coverage and double-entendres:

He was certainly a handful!

Anthony Weiner’s former sexting babe says the mayoral hopeful was so horny that he couldn’t be satisfied — despite phone sex five times a day.

In a raunchy tell-all interview with Sirius XM Radio shock jock Howard Stern yesterday, Sydney Leathers, 23, detailed her intimate conversations with 48-year-old Weiner and dished on the pol’s pervy fetishes, which included her footwear and getting it on in the shower.

“He could have 12 girls talking to him, beating off 15 times a day, and that wouldn’t be enough,” said Leathers, who traded racy online messages, sexts and phone calls with Weiner last summer — when he was playing stay-at-home dad.

“How are you going to be mayor of New York City if you’re c-ming like five times a day?” she wondered.

Based on his increasingly flaccid poll shrinkage (sorry, bad Weiner puns are contagious), I’d say that last question is answering itself.