Ed Driscoll

Feeling Sorry for Jay Carney

Thomas Sowell takes pity on Mr. Obama’s flak catcher:

Although many people have been surprised and disappointed by Barack Obama, it is hard to think of a president whose policies were more predictable from his history, however radically different those policies are from his rhetoric.

* * * * * *

I may be among the few people who want Attorney General Eric Holder to keep his job — at least until the 2014 elections. Holder epitomizes what is wrong with the Obama administration. He is essentially Barack Obama without the charm, so it should be easier for the voters to see through his lies and corruption.

Despite political differences, it is hard not to feel sorry for White House press secretary Jay Carney for all the absurdities his job requires him to say with a straight face. What is he going to do when this administration is over? Wear a disguise, change his name, or be put into a witness-protection program?

While we rarely disagree with the Mr. Sowell, he’s likely quite wrong on that last prediction. Carney will very likely return to his old gig at Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, be an anchorman on MSNBC, or a columnist for the New Republic without missing a beat. Or perhaps simply become the next Grumpy Cat spokesman.

I’d throw in a cheap Pravda joke here, but lately, their journalistic standards have occasionally proven far more rigorous than our own MSM.