Ed Driscoll

Thesis Disputed


Critics also suggest that MSNBC no longer has much diversity in the evenings. It’s not that MSNBC needs a conservative host. It’s that the nighttime hours from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM are too erudite, too sophisticated and too earnest to hook a wide swath of viewers.

— “What’s Behind MSNBC’s Ratings Decline?”, National Journal, yesterday.

With the ratings for his new show “All In” tanking, MSNBC host Chris Hayes has been trying desperately to be more assertive and populist in the hopes it will get viewers to stop tuning him out.

Instead he is just coming across as a petulant brat. On Wednesday’s edition of of his program, Hayes paraphrased the GOP statement on the Senate immigration bill in a way that can only be described as childish, yet fitting for the network that once employed Keith Olbermann and still employs Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews.

While reading the Republican statement, Hayes concluded by changing the words of the statement, saying, “blah blah blah, we hate you, we hate your ass face.”

— “MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Summarizes GOP on Immigration: ‘Blah Blah Blah, We Hate You, We Hate Your Ass Face,'” Newsbusters, today.